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how to bmx

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-How to Bmx Tabletop
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-How to Bmx Tabletop

How to BMX Tabletop

So you want to know how to BMX Tabletop? Well, here you go:


  1. You must have a decent size jump. If this is not an option, a curb will work.
  2. Depending on which is your dominant foot, this will dictate which foot you use to push the bike.
  3. As you take off, make sure to pull the bike up in the back with your feet.
  4. As your feet pull up in the back, push down or at an angle with your arms. This will create the actual table top.


  • Fold your legs a bit to create more of a flat look.
  • When you pull up with your bars and fold, let your arms drop a bit.
  • For extra style, turn your bars just a little.


  • When letting your arms drop in order to fold the bike, don't let them drop too far or you'll be giving the ground a nice big kiss. Trust me.
  • Make sure not to forget to "unfold" yourself before you land, because you will practically kill your hip if you don't.

Things You'll Need

  • A bike
  • Yourself
  • A good fun spot to ride or a (curb)
  • A helmet and safety gear

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