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how to bmx

-Mike teaching you how to Manual

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-Mike teaching you how to Manual
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Video Transcript

How to Manual : BMX Tricks- Click here to see a movie about how to do a manual.
Hi, this is Mike, and on behalf of, and in this clip I am going to be teaching you how to manual. A manual is one of the easiest tricks to do, but it is also pretty hard to learn, but is very useful because you can use it in any type of riding style depending upon if you are riding street, ramp, dirt or flat land. It is pretty much used in any type of style. What you want to do when you are manualing is just be on the ground and kind of get behind your seat; lean back and keep your front wheel off the ground without pedaling. And when you are doing this, there are going to be three key ways that you stay in the manual position with the balance plan that you have. And that is using your legs, your arms and then also a little bit of your brakes. And that is why when you are manualing it is a good idea to keep on finger on the brake at all time just in case you start going too far back and your front end will drop. When you are first learning manuals, one of the best places that I recommend practicing is in a parking lot that has parking spaces. That way you can kind of judge how far you go. So you can try to do one parking space at a time until you eventually build up and then you do not need to really use it as a measuring guide anymore. But up until then it is good to know. You can always know if you are going farther than you did the last time.