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-Mike teaching how to do a bunny hop
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-Mike teaching how to do a bunny hop

Video Transcript

How to Do a Bunny Hop : BMX Tricks
Hi, this is Mike, and on behalf of, and in this clip we are going to be showing you how to do a bunny hop. Now a bunny hop can be used in several different ways, you can use it when you are riding ramps, street or even when you are doing dirt. It is going to be pretty much one of the fundamentals when you are doing BMX. To do a bunny hop when you are first starting out, your first inclination is going to be to try to lift up the whole bike, both front and back tire at the same time, but this is not really the proper way to do a bunny hop. What you are going to want to do when you do a bunny hop is lift the front tire up first and then once you start leveling out, pick up the back tire. The reason you can do this is is you can get a lot higher using a lot more of your muscles, and this is a lot more efficient of a way to do it. And once you get it down, you may want to try moving it to smaller obstacles that you can jump onto, like a curb, and maybe once you get real high, you can start trying to jump over things and even onto stuff like picnic tables and over trashcans and stuff. But that is going to be more advanced, and you want to stick to the basics first.