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-Mike teaching you how to do a tail tap on a ramp

Video Transcript

How to Do a Tail Tap on a Bike Ramp : BMX Tricks
Hi, this is Mike, and on behalf of, and in this clip we are going to be teaching you how to do a tail tap on a ramp. Now what a tail tap is is you are going to go up the ramp, go up onto the deck and land on your back wheel like this. Balance there for a minute, then jump back into the ramp, and roll away smooth. Now this is a fairly easy trick, but you want to make sure of two things: one that you know how to carve and do a double peg pretty easily, and that your brakes are working pretty good. And what you are going to do is you go for about three-quarters of the way up the ramp and make sure that you have a little bit more speed than you would when you are just carving or doing a double peg. And then you are going to kind of fly out onto the deck, land on the back wheel by holding your brakes, and once you get your balance point there, you stay there on the ramp centered over your bike. And then lean into the ramp and jump back in. And when you are learning this, it may be a little easier to try to swing your front end out more towards the ramp so that it is a little bit easier to jump back in. But then once you get the hang of it, you can do it even a little bit further out onto the deck, no problem. And that is how you do a tail tap.