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-Mike teaching a 180 on a BMX Bike


Video Transcript

How to Do a 180 on a BMX Bike: BMX Tricks
Hi, this is Mike, and on behalf of, and in this clip I am going to show you how to do a 180. Basically what you want to do before you learn 180s is make sure that you know how to bunny hop because this will be a key factor in learning the 180. So what you are going to want to do is you are going to lift your front wheel up like you kind of do in a bunny hop and turn at the same time. Once you get your front wheel up off of the ground, you are going to want to start looking around with your head so that you can keep your rotation going around until you land in the 180 position like this. And doing this is the first factor, which is probably the easiest, is getting into the 180 position. But once you are there, you are going to have to learn how to roll backwards and then turn back around and fakie out of it, which will be a little bit harder to learn. But basically, when you are in the fakie when you are rolling backwards, you want to start moving your front wheel like this a little bit to the side. And once you get about a quarter or halfway around, you are going to use your momentum from that to push off and go back around the other way until you are completely forwards. And I will show you how to do a 180 right now and once you do this, just keep practicing. And then you can try it off of stuff like curbs and stairs until you can basically do it anywhere you want.